[DAY 06 — FAITH] “Look & Live” by Pastor Meryl Haines

Welcome to Day Four of the LOOK TO JESUS 21-Day Devotional.

Our New Zion Apostolic team is taking 21-Days to each do a 3 – 4 minute devotional with aims for…

— Unifying our network of people;

— Encouraging the body of Christ at large;

— Building momentum during the South African lockdown period (between the 26th of March and 16th of April) when we are prevented from fellowshipping as normal.

Hebrews 12:2a (ESV), “…looking to Jesus, the founder and perfector of our faith…”

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Good morning & Welcome to day 6 of our national devotionals during this 21 day lockdown period.

Our Theme is Looking to Jesus  & our focus for the first 7 days is Faith .

Our theme is from the scripture Heb. 12:2a “Looking to Jesus the founder and perfector of our faith…”

Charles Spurgeon, one of the greatest and most influential speakers of the nineteenth century, described his own conversion when, as a teenager, he heard a speaker say, ‘Look to Jesus Christ. Look! Look! Look! The only thing you need to do is look and live.’

That is what he did & in that moment his life was forever transformed!

A scripture that kept coming to me at the start of the lockdown period is found in Mt.4:4 Jesus, when tempted by the devil to turn stones into bread said:


One key way  in which we can look to Jesus is by getting into His Word!!

That word LOOKING …. in the theme scripture “Looking to Jesus means: to consider attentively:… what Jesus is saying in & through His Word…. I don’t know about you but I need  to hear from God , especially in times like this!

I need His wisdom…. there are just too many voices out there, fake news, propaganda, false prophets & the right voices, all of which the Bible says will arise in these last days.

Proverbs 2:1,2 (AMP), “My son, if you will receive  my words, and treasure my commandments within you, So that  your ear  is attentive  to [skilful and godly] wisdom…”

I don’t know if you hear the love, the concern & the appeal in the heart of the Father for us to get the Skilful & Godly Wisdom which comes from opening our lives to & valuing His Word.

I love the voice of our leaders, at this time, they are saying… Look to Jesus… Hide away with Him in His Presence.. allow Him to mould us…there is a faith that results from focusing on Jesus…

When we do all of this, giving Jesus quality time & focus, the Bible says…

Proverbs 2:10  “For [skillful and godly] wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.” 

That’s what needs to happen… The Word of God needs to enter our hearts & our souls (mind, will & emotions)… it happens when we get close to Him…

Personally I really feel such a need to get so close to Jesus, especially at this time.

It’s amazing, when God’s wisdom enters our hearts & our souls, it supersedes man’s wisdom.

You see man’s wisdom often results in so much uncertainty, instability & fear.  Whereas God’s wisdom results in peace, security & faith….

When God’s word enters our hearts & souls it silences every other voice that tries to intimidate us or negatively influence us.

We become still, fearless & full of faith, knowing that God is God  Almighty, He is in charge & He is directing our way.

I really want to encourage us to allow God’s word to enter our hearts & our souls…

Can I say in closing, like Spurgeon’s speaker,  ‘Look to Jesus Christ. Look! Look! Look! The only thing you & I need to do is look and live.’

God bless you. Have an awesome day!


  1. Thank u so much for that powerful word Ps Merryl.. Yes my life is at this time n All times.. To look to Jesus n live.. I love this! God bless from Mary Cox in cape Town kraifontein..

  2. Thank you ,powerful…

  3. Clarice Moon : April 3, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Thank you to our Apostles and Pastors who encourage and guide us with The Word of God. The most amazing thing is that their lives line up with the Word of God meaning that they apply the Word of God and we see and experience the much fruit in their lives.
    Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of the journey of NZMI.
    God bless our leaders and all who make this possible.
    Clarice Moon

  4. Thank you Pastor Meryl. I’m learning to look to Jesus again. Remembering what you have thought me and I will study James 3 and when I see you again we can talk. God bless your soul Pastor Meryl in Jesus Name

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