[DAY 09 — HOPE] “A Lifestyle of Hope” by Apostle Hilton Toohey

Welcome to Day Nine of the LOOK TO JESUS 21-Day Devotional.

Our New Zion Apostolic team is taking 21-Days to each do a 3 – 4 minute devotional with aims for…

— Unifying our network of people;

— Encouraging the body of Christ at large;

— Building momentum during the South African lockdown period (between the 26th of March and 16th of April) when we are prevented from fellowshipping as normal.

Hebrews 12:2a (ESV), “…looking to Jesus, the founder and perfector of our faith…”

Remember to go to https://linktr.ee/newzion.church to find the latest links (broadcasts, devotionals, podcasts, ways to give, etc.)



  1. We are so blessed to have Apostle Hilton who speaks so profoundly into our lives. Always calling us to walk a closer walk with Jesus and also to be found at His feet.

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